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Magdaline Benter

23 years old
Not adopted
Child number: 41502
Magdaline Benter has 5 siblings: Lucy Akinyi, Dan Omondi, Claris Anyango (no. 41566), Joseph Otieno and Antony Odhiambo. She was born on 20th January 1995. She stays with her mother in the village, since her father died in 2012. They stay in a 2-room mud house belonging to the family. They use firewood for cooking, kerosene lamp for lighting and get water from the river. Magdalena's mother works as farmer and earns 5000 per month. Magdalena has problems with her waist, she has a wound that does not seem to be healing and she can not do heavy work. She likes watching movies and attends school poerty club. She would like to be a teacher when she grows up.In 2018 she should attend the 4th class of high school.

Maraga Washe

23 years old
Not adopted
Child number: 41049
Maraga stays with both parents who earns the monthly net income of ksh6,000. They stay in a mud house that belong to them, they have 7 dependants in a 3roomed house. They use firewood for cooking, hericane lamp for lighting and they get their water from the tap. The child's health is good. The father is the breadwinner of the family sometimes when things are so tight the kids go without eating. His dream is to become someone who could help other families or people who need help. He likes listening to music and he wants to be mechanic when he grows up. In 2018 he should attend the 4th class of high school.
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The project of remote support „Adoptions of African children - “ mediates an access to education for poor Kenyan children without pulling them out of their natural environment and community. This project has been running since 2002 and has helped more than 3500 children. The basic sponsoring fee amounts to 7200 CZK (300 EUR) a year.

Section of detailed information provides an overview of how this projects works. In case you have already chosen a child from our database, you can also find here all the steps to be taken in order to adopt a child remotely.

You can also provide the adoptive children by health insurance, that covers any medical treatment the child needs during 1 year.

Adoption Friend Club forms an integral part of this project, and enables to support education of Kenyan children by one-time contribution anytime during the year.

In case you already are an “adoptive parent”, here you will find complementary information and references for adoptive parents about the whole adoption process.

Photo-gallery and videos document promotional events of this project and provide coverage from trips to Kenya, including greetings and messages from children, handing over of presents and give overview of individual schools and their facilities.