Annual reports

2016Annual report (English)
2016Annual report (Czech)
2015Annual report (English)
2015Annual report (Czech)
2015The SlovakAid Annual Report about Centre Narovinu (Czech)
2014Annual report (Czech)
2013Annual report (Czech)
2012Appendix – past events (Czech)
2012Annual report (Czech)
2011Appendix – past events (Czech)
2011Annual report (Czech)
2010Annual report (Czech)
2009Annual report (Czech)
2009The first appendix – photos from the events in schools (Czech)
2009The second appendix – photos from the traveling exhibitions (Czech)
2009The third appendix – financial report 2009 (Czech)
2008Annual report (Czech)
2007Annual report 2007 (text only; English)
2007 Annual report (Czech)
2006Annual report 2006 (English)
2006 Annual report (Czech)
2005 Annual report (Czech)
2004 Annual report (Czech)
2003 Annual report (Czech)