Travelling photo exhibitions

The objective of these exhibitions is to inform the general public about situation in Africa and about the projects organized by the association Centrum Narovinu and that way to get new sponsors and co-workers. These documentary photos were taken by volunteer from Centrum Narovinu on their journeys. In the photos you can see the life in slums and poor villages and also how our projects work. The exhibition can be accompanied by a video projection of interesting documents, a discussion and a sales exhibition of hand-made products. The exhibitions are travelling and were realized on many places all over the Czech Republic.

Contact person: Simona Heřtusová, mobile: 608 301 270, e-mail: simona.hertusova@adopceafrika.cz

Several sets of photos are available:


» Introductory
» Introductory (Czech)
» Introductory (Czech, image)
» Thumbnails of exhibition photos (width)
» Thumbnails of exhibition photos (height)

PVC sheets, 25 pieces, proportions 50 x 70 cm

In the photos you can see how our projects work and also the life in slums and poor villages.

Island of Hope
Jan Šibík and Daniela Matulová

» Basic information (Czech)
» Photographs from the exhibition

Kappa boards, 20 pieces, size of 50 x 70 cm

The photographs were taken by Jan Šibík and Daniela Matulová in July 2016 on Rusinga Island in Kenya. The exhibition shows the everyday life on the island and in the community center Island of Hope. The photographs can be purchased and the profit will be used to support the children from the community center Island of Hope. We send the photos out in a paper tube of two different sizes: 30 x 45 cm for 2 000 Kč or 50 x 70 cm for 3 000 Kč.

My world: everyday joys by the eyes of the Kenyan children

» Introductory (Czech)
» Introductory (Czech, docx)

Photographs were taken by the eighth grade pupils of the elementary school "Island of Hope Humanist School" at the community center Island of Hope in Kenya at the turn of January and February 2016. The result is a unique collection of photographs that explain the life on Rusinga Island through the eyes of the children. PVC sheets, 20 pieces (proportions: 18 pieces 45 x 30 cm and 2 pieces 50 x 60 cm).

Documentary photos from Kenya by Ester Starman

» Introductory (Czech)
» Thumbnails of exhibition photos (Czech)

Iron frames, 20 pieces, proportions 60 x 85 cm
Travelling exhibition is selling and it supports the project „Water for Kauti“ in Kenya