PF 2016

PF 2016: Joy caused to another person has an amazing nature. By the reflection it is not getting weaker, but it returns to us developed and brighter. Gandhi
We wish you a Merry Christmas and only good for the New Year. Thank you for your support and goodwill so far and we are looking forward to common journey in the New Year.

Centrum Narovinu

Collection of the project “The Island of Hope”

To complete kitchen with a dining room for already 500 children from the Island of Hope on Rusinga Island in Kenya.
The project of “The Island of Hope” is home for 80 orphans and 320 other children from the poorest and neediest families of the small island in the middle of Lake Victoria, who attend the kindergarten and school here every day. Since February 2016 there will be students from a new high school which is just built as well.
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Fair Trade E-Shop

Steatitic products, coffee and tea from Kenya, vouchers and packets – all this you can buy during year through our e-shop. All products are bought directly from Kenya’s producers and brought to our e-shop without any mediators. 100% of incomes will support children from Kenya’s comunity centre Island of hope. Thank you for your support.

Give your old camera a second chance in Kenya

What does the world look like through the eyes of kids in Kenya? We'd like to see, so we're planning a photography workshop for kids of the Island of Hope Community Centre.
We're now collecting digital cameras. Have you got a spare one that you could give away? Bring it or send it to Centrum Narovinu (Sokolská 32, Praha 2, 120 000) – until 15/01/2016. Thank you.
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Adoption of African children – Distant Help Project

Does the project help only to individual children or also to whole families and communities? Check the interviews with young people who went through our programme... Did the project change their lives? Did the project help them to follow their dreams? Was the project valuable for them?
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Energy of Calendar full of Powerfull (Emotional) Children´s Stories

My world – My Energy... this is a subtitle of the Europe Easy Energy company´s calendar for 2016. The calendar is dedicated to the 12 children from Kenya who are sponsored by the company through our organization. Here is the first story from January - story of small Gillack. We will bring you a new story every month.
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Extra payments for children in the program of long-distance adoption

Children in the program of long-distance adoption and their families go through many challenging life situations and they often write about them in the letters for the adoptive parents. If they are facing a very urgent problem, they usually directly contact the child´s coordinator and ask for advice.
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