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Pass it on – Even the changing of a single human story makes a big difference!

The video spot supports Island of Hope, a self-sufficient and self-sustainable community center, which we have been creating on Rusinga Island in Kenya. The project was launched in 2003. Nowadays, it is daily visited by over 400 children and it consists of an orphanage for 72 children aged 3 to 18, Montessori kindergarten for 90 children, elementary school for 300 children, educational center with a library, workroom for making soapstone products, health clinic for approximately 10 000 patients from the area, and a farm with an irrigation system, fruit trees, as well as fish and poultry breeding. We are also in the process of building a boarding high school for 120 students.
Video spot:

Czech TV supports education for children in Kenya

The whole week between the 28th of November and the 4th of December 2016, you could watch the spot of Center Narovinu called “Donate Education” on channels of Czech TV. The campaign informs wider public about one of the main projects, its meaning and impact – supporting education of children in Kenya. Czech TV aired 35 spots which were seen by 2 575 217 viewers. They did it free of charge as a part of their program “Czech TV Supports Charity”. Thank you for your support!

Christmas Market supported children from the Island of Hope

Again this year, Park Lane International School organized a traditional Christmas market in support of children from the community center Island of Hope on Rusinga Island in Kenya. The market took place on Saturday December 10th  and a part of it was a sale of Christmas gingerbread cookies which Park Lane students made with the help of Fresh and Tasty company.

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