Adoption - Lentafia Akinyi Odira

Child number: 52613
Lentafia Akinyi Odira has been in adoption programme since year 2017 and she is going to school Island of Hope Humanist School.
City, quarter: Rusinga Island Kamasengre west [Ufira]
State: Kenya
Mother: Susan Adhiambo Abig, birth 1986, Sells fish
Father: Daniel Odira Abiga, birth 1975, Fisherman
Description of the situation: Lentafia is the second last born in the family of four kids at present. She has two older brothers Nashon Aura (born in 2007) and Jim Onyango (born in 2010) and one younger brother Hanshy Otieno (born in 2016). The father does fishing on other peoples net while the mother is doing fish selling business. The income the family gets is very little, around 5000 KES (40 Eur) to feed and also pay school fees to the children. The family lives in a three roomed mud house, which belongs to them. They get water from the lake, uses Kerosene lamp for lighting and Firewood/Charcoal for cooking. Lentafia is doing well at present except the occasional malaria. In 2018 she would like to join a nursery in Community Center Island of Hope. Adoption of this child is 2400 CZK/100 Eur per term.
Contact: Eva Syrovátková, eva.syrovatkova@adopceafrika.cz, tel. +420 777 708 330