Adoption - Elisha Opere

Child number: 52619
Child removed from adoption
City, quarter: Rusinga Island Rusinga West (Ufira)
State: Kenya
Mother: Nancy Akinyi, birth 1986, Sells mandazi
Father: -
Guardian: -
Description of the situation: Elisha is the third born in the family of four children (Dinox born in 2003, Pamella born in 2005 and Ashly born in 2015). The mother cooks and sells mandazi along the road. The income she gets is very little to feed and also pay school fees to the children (2,000 KES). They live in a rental house in one room. The house is sistuated in a fishing beach where there are a lot of immoralities. They cook on the fire using charcoal and take water from the lake. They use kersoene for the lighting. Elisha is doing well health at present. In 2018 he would like to join a nursery in Community Center Island of Hope. Adoption of this child is 2400 CZK/100 Eur per term.
Contact: Jiří Štancl, jiri.stancl@adopceafrika.cz, tel. +420 731 713 099