Adoption - Jackline Adhiambo Ouma

Child number: 52620
Jackline Adhiambo Ouma has been in adoption programme since year 2017 and she is going to school Island of Hope Humanist School.
City, quarter: Rusinga Island Kamasengre East (Sienga)
State: Kenya
Mother: Emily Achieng Ouma, birth 1987, peasant farming
Father: Joshua Ouma Nyakodi, birth 1966, fishing
Guardian: -
Description of the situation: Jackline come from a polygamist family where the mother is the second wife of the father, in their house they are three children and Jackline is the last born at the present (Celestine, born in 2004, Venessa born in 2010). The father does fishing while the mother is peasant famer.The income the family gets is meagre to feed and also pay school fees to the children. The number of children in the whole family is ten. The family lives in a mud house with three rooms which belongs to them. They cook on the fire using charcoal. They use karosen for lightning and they also use the solar energy. They took water from the lake. The kid is healthy. In 2018 she would like to join a nursery in Community Center Island of Hope. Adoption of this child is 2400 CZK/100 Eur per term.
Contact: Helena Havlišová, helena.havlisova@adopceafrika.cz, tel. +420 602 768 605