Adoption - Austine Odiwuor

Child number: 40874
Child removed from adoption
City, quarter: Kisumu Nyabondo
State: Kenya
Mother: Ruth Apiyo Nyaori, birth 1969, farmer
Father: Patrick Odhiambo Sembe, birth 1962, masonry
Guardian: -
Description of the situation: Austine lives with both his parents. He has 5 siblings: older Jasper (he is working and does not stay with the family), Nicholas (has studied a vocational college), Victor, Irene and younger Henry. All are in school. Their average monthly income is ksh. 3000. They stay in a mud house it has 4 rooms and their are 5 people. They use firewood for cooking, kerosene lamp for lighting and get their water from a river. Austine is now healthy but before reaching 5 yers he had had problems with his breathing system but he is now ok. He is studying very well. He likes reading, swimming, riding bike and he has good overview about football teams.
Contact: Hana Jodasová, hana.jodasova@adopceafrika.cz, tel. +420 777 831 836

The project of remote support „Adoptions of African children - “ mediates an access to education for poor Kenyan children without pulling them out of their natural environment and community. This project has been running since 2002 and has helped more than 3500 children. The basic sponsoring fee amounts to 7200 CZK (300 EUR) a year.

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