Adoptive parent’s feedback

I’m really glad to help Hulda this way. I got the video with Hulda last week. We were all excited at home. It was nice to see her happy and that she appreciates education she gets. She’s really motivated and she knows that a good education means a better life for her and her family. When we watch this video, then it all makes sense to us.
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Adoptive parents visit supported children in Kenya

We thank to adoptive parents for their feedbacks from their journeys to Kenya families… Personal meeting and introduction with supported children and his/her family worths and brings unforgettable experiences and a new dimension to mutual communication. ☺


Visit of our adoptive daughter Metrine in Nairobi

In 2004, we began to consider the long distance adoption of a child in Africa. After searching for information on the Internet and meeting with Dana Feminova at the Center Narovinu in Prague, we adopted a girl from Kenya called Metrine Midesha, who was eight years old.15 years have passed, Metrine with our financial support completed primary and secondary school and furthermore she studied tourism management.


My trip to Kenya, October 2018

Na konci září jsem se vydala na moji již třetí cestu do Keni, a již podruhé jsem se rozhodla ji absolvovat sama. První část mé dovolené jsem se rozhodla strávit v Mombase, a to z toho důvodu, že jsem nechtěla, aby mne má Christine viděla vyčerpanou z mé práce, zkrátka jsem chtěla nabrat sil, opálit se na pláži a následně, poslední týdny s ní strávit na Rusinga Island.
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Annual Report Centrum Narovinu 2018

What we did and where we succeed last year? Check out our Annual Report.
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Thank you for supporting the education of children in Kenya. It makes sense!

Thanks to adoptive parents who have ordered short videos of their supported children, you can peek into the everyday life of families and make a better idea of what conditions children come from… This time we present the story of Huldy, who, with the support of the adoptive parent, completed the basic degree of education and is now studying in high school.


1.6. – Slaný – Den dětí

Centrum Narovinu doplní program o dárečky s příběhem Férového obchůdku a o jedno herní stanoviště s africkou tématikou pro děti a dospělé.
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7.6. – Kojetín – Zakončení ročního projektu Keňa

V rámci večera si budete moci zakoupit dárečky s příběhem Férového obchůdku.
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8.6. – Litoměřice – Bezva Fest

Rodinný festival pro malé i velké. Centrum Narovinu doplní program o dárečky s příběhem Férového obchůdku a o workshopy s africkou tématikou pro děti a dospělé.
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May 17 – A Night In Kenya – Charity event for Island of Hope

We warmly invite all friends of Centrum Narovinu… Come to enjoy evening in rhytm of Africa, to listen inspirational stories and support Island of Hope in Kenya.
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