18 stories “Thank you for your support”

» 1. story: Introducing the founders of the Centrum Narovinu Dana and Simona » 2. story – We thank for their support: “The Narovinu Center gave me two things. Son Peter and love for African stories, thank you. And I wish us all good end stories.”
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15. There are various ways to support the education of children in Kenya. One of the possibilities is a collection of sports, art, educational and school aids or books in English.

Thank you for your support to all schools, libraries, institutions, companies and individuals for the wonderful cooperation last year. In the Island of Hope, everything had to be thoroughly sorted according to the age of the children… And then they could start reading and painting beautiful pictures. Will you join too? www.CenterNarovinu.org  
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17.4. – Online seminář pro dobrovolníky

Zajímá vás tématika rozvojové spolupráce? Chtěli byste vyrazit pomáhat do kliniky nebo dětského domova našeho Ostrova Naděje na Rusinga Island v Keni? Tak se připojte na online seminář pro dobrovolníky.


18 stories of supported children

» 1. Story of a supported child: Introducing Brenda » 2. Story of a supported child: Introducing Wendy » 3. Story of a supported child: Introducing Bonface » 4. Story of a supported child: Introducing Audrey
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15. The story of a supported child and an adoptive parent: Introducing Wiclif and thanking the adoptive parents for their 18-year story

“We've been watching Wiclif since he was a little boy who grew up to be a handsome young man with a college degree. He often mentioned that he wanted to do something to help others. I believe he will succeed. We thank him for being able to share joy and worry with him, we thank him for being able to be here for him, for being here with us despite the distance between the two continents. We also thank the Centrum Narovinu for their help, which is meaningful and beneficial for the gradual comparison of differences between people.”


School structure changes since January 2021 concerning children in the Distance Adoption program in Kenya

In January 2021 Kenyan government decided that all kids will get back to school and therefore the government made a plan of how to catch up “lost year 2020” in two years, 2021 and 2022. In order to do so, they have changed the school year from traditional three terms to four terms. Most of the kids will attend school more weeks and they will have shorter vacations. Some students in final classes have to do final exams followed by longer vacations. Those students will continue to have just 3 school terms, but with different starting dates of terms.
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14. The story of a supported child and an adoptive parent: Introducing Ljuben and Diana and thanking for the shared stories

“The last year of Diana's studies became a bit more complicated, not only for her, but in the end everything turned out well and Diana graduated happily and even has a job offer. And I, her adoptive father, am also overjoyed to bring her to the finish line. We will continue to keep in touch and Diana can still count on my help in case of emergency, she will continue to be my beloved adoptive daughter. And I will follow her footsteps in life as long as I am alive.” Ljuben


13. The Story of a Supported Child: Introducing Riki and many thanks to adoptive parents for their joint journey since the beginning of the project in 2002

“First he sent us cute pictures from his life and the letters were written instead of him by a coordinator from Kenya. From the first grade, he learned English and began writing the first letters. Riki's English was getting better and better, and we could use his letters to get a picture of his family's difficult life and the current situation in Kenya. We were all happier that we were able to support Riki even outside the regular payments. I consider the possibility of supplementary health insurance, which repeatedly helped Riki when he got malaria, to be very important.


12. The story of a supported child and an adoptive family: Introducing Preslyne and thanking the adoptive mother very much for a shared story

Today, Preslyne is a young, pretty, ambitious girl with progressive views on the position of women in society, on the issue of practicing circumcision or forced marriages of minor brides. She is studying pedagogy at Kennyatta University and her ambition is to set an good example for her community. As a future teacher, she wants to educate children who will raise Kenya to a higher level in the future. She makes us, the adoptive parents, very happy with her exemplary diligence, because if I can quote her own words: "Education is the key to our life success".


11. The Story of a Supported Child: Introducing Brian

Thanks to the support of the adoptive parent, Brian graduated from the Island of Hope Elementary and Secondary School. He finished high school as our best student with an A- result. In order to start studying at university and have all the necessary expenses covered, he also organized a fundraising collection in Kenya last autumn. He rented a small room near the university and is studying at his dream university. Brian's medallion, after high school, was also published in last year's bulletin.