17.7. – 19.7. – Safari Park Dvůr Králové – Africký víkend

Celý víkend se můžete těšit na dárky s příběhem Férového obchůdku Centra Narovinu. Přijďte se pobavit, udělat si radost a podpořit Ostrov Naděje v Keni. Těšíme se na setkání ☺
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27.6. – Benso či-li Afrika na piazettě

V rámci programu se můžete těšit na dárky s příběhem Férového obchůdku Centra Narovinu. Přijďte se pobavit, udělat si radost a podpořit Ostrov Naděje v Keni.
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Collection to support Pius family

On Saturday, May 23, our friend Pius Mudiwo Oloo died suddenly at the age of 46. We would like to help the family of our long-term volunteer and express our thanks for his great cooperation and support of Centrum Narovinu. Pius was from Komenya in the Siaya area and was the eldest son of an 8-member family. He then lived in Nairobi. As a volunteer coordinator of the Distant Adoption project in our organization, he worked for over 4 years and cared for children from different parts of Kenya, especially from Siaya and the Kibera slum in Nairobi.
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Current fundraising campaigns of Centre Narovinu for direct help in Kenya

The whole situation in Kenya is quite troublesome – the number of infected people is growing. The schools will stay closed at least till the end of May, there is a curfew in place, capital cities are closed and many people have lost all of their income while there is no social security system in place. On top of that, Kenya is dealing with flooding and grasshopper invasion that have a very negative effect on the harvest. We can´t even imagine, how many families and children in Kenya currently suffer from hunger. Health and access to basic foods is  is really the most important thing at the moment, which is why we have announced two collections to directly help people in Kenya:
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Information on the current situation in Kenya not just for adoptive parents

Dear adoptive parents, we have received many questions from you and we understand that you are worried about your adopted children. We all find ourselves in a very demanding and uncertain time, which is all the more difficult for the countries, which had struggled with poverty long before this crises started. Now that we have held an online meeting with our colleagues from the Nairobian office, with whom we discussed the current state of affairs in Kenya and the way we can help our children in this difficult time, we bring you an update on the whole situation.
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The big THANK YOU for donation for the ISLAND OF HOPE Clinic

Dear friends, we would like to thank you very much for the support. Before Easter, we managed to collect 50 000 CZK and we used these for the listed below:


Fair Trade Shop

Dear friends, We have Kenyan coffee and tea in stock for all spring events. We won't be seeing each other at the events right now, but Czech Post and Packeta are working so far, so if you can, please order from our Fair Trade Shop. We also added 3 new bracelets to the eshop, which were made in the Island of Hope in the autumn.


Coronavirus in Kenya – Collection for the Island of Hope Clinic

In connection with this situation, we also announce a COLLECTION for the Island of Hope Clinic on Rusinga Island. This is the only functional clinic on the island, and we would like to support it by purchasing additional protective equipment, oxygen bombs and masks, enough medicines and, if the situation so requires, additional staff. This would prepare us for a time when it will be necessary to help a large number of people in the area as quickly as possible.