Working trip to Kenya (20.2. – 23.3. 2019)

Dana Feminova is on another working trip in Kenya and  has a very busy schedule again: meetings with the Nairobi office and sponsors, stay at Rusing Island – the Island of Hope project: appointments with the project team, …


Bulletin – February 2019 (printed version for download)

Gifts with the story from the FairTrade Shop support children from the Island of Hope in Kenya * Community Center Island of Hope can be supported by donation SMS * Who is in the team of Center Narovinu? We would like to introduce our volunteers and new support for our team in Prague * Reaction to the article When children in Kenya write letters from June * We would like to introduce our team of Island of Hope in Kenya * Health insurance and an example of an interesting extra payment * Club of Friends of Adoption * Visit of Francis in Kilingili * Project „Kenya“ at Kojetín grammar school
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Raising Fish to support the Orphanage

With the simple visit to Mfangano Island, last 2017, by the Cooperators and donors from Czech and Slovak Republics, created the idea of doing fish farming project in Island of Hope Community Centre on Rusinga Island. The project started last Jan. 26, 2018. Started the repairs and improvement of the existing 2 x 2 m fish cage and fabricated 6 units 6 x 6 m fish cages. Also improved the existing 2 ponds which was used initially to rear the future breeders of the Fish Hatchery.


5.2. – 8.3. 2019 – Výstava: Keňa

Projekt Gymnázia Kojetín v galerii VIC Kojetín.
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14.3. – 7.4. – Výstava Keňa v Galerii Přerov

Součástí akce je sbírka pro školáky z komunitního centra Ostrov Naděje.
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PF 2019

Dear adoptive parents, dear supporters and friends of Centrum Narovinu, we deeply thank you that you were with us even during this year ☺ We supported together education, health care and standard of living of kids and whole families in Kenya – there study 1745 children in kinder-gardens, basic and high schools and at universities, there are over 500 children who find daily background at Island of Hope and we provided health care for 826 kids in terms of health assurance.
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Gifts with a story from Fair-trade shop helps children from Island of Hope in Kenya

Thank you for your huge support, all pleasant meetings with you on our events and for your interest in gifts from fair-trade shop. We appreciate that a lot. We can again support community center Island of Hope on its way to independency… We would like to share with you several contributions, we thank you and we are looking forward to next common cooperation – eg. during Easters fairs ☺
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Education support has a sense! Adoption of Africa kids – remote help project

Individuals, groups, families, organisations, classes or schools are involved in the project. We thank especially to one of the schools – basic school Volary – and we share received contribution. Get involved! You can be in touch with particular kid from Kenya already from January 2019 and follow his/her life and dreams.


Community center Island of Hope can be donated also by donor SMS directly from your mobile phone

Your donation will support particularly long term sustainability of community center Island of Hope which is visited by over than 500 children daily. Its part is kinder-garden, basic and boarding high school, orphanage, 24/7 health center, library with PC class and farm. There is a new fish farm at Victoria lake side too. The profit from the farm will financially support catering for children and operations of the center – health care, social and education services.
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Bulletin – October 2018 (printed version for download)

Fair shop - these are presents with the story * Community Center ISLAND OF HOPE can be supported by DONATION SMS * Who is in the team of Center Narovinu? We would like to introduce our volunteers and new support for our team in Nairobi * Club of Friends of Adoption * What are the typical names in Kenya * Asante sana, Africa, and sometimes see you again * Health insurance programme in the year 2017/2018 * Gifts with a story
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