Bright Future Learning Centre

Bright Future Learning Centre was started in the year 2008 October under fifteen members mostly women, which have an executive elected officials, being lead by chair person, secretary and treasurer.

Bright Future Learning Centre is situated in the sprawling slums of Kiambiu behind Buru Buru Phase One State in the village of Kosovo. It started its operation in 2008 October by giving free counseling services to the slum women, then after sometimes the members realized that there was need to start up a merry go round for the unemployed women, and feeding programme for the children whom the group members used to meet on the round side within the slum. The members identified a one roomed house and contributed some money which they bought one sufuria and some plastic cups plus a stove in order for the programme to start off. The feeding programme has responded positively and it offers porridge to the children at 11 am every day. Since then the centre has 30 children, and in January 2009, the group started nursery/baby class and pre-unit. It has two teachers on teach on voluntary basis. The centre is registered under he ministry of gender, children & social development.


To protect the slum children through working closely with the relevant authorities and the community.


To have a society that is productive of vulnerable children.


To initiate income-generative activities aimed at improving the social and economic status of the members, their dependants and the community at large and creating HIV/AIDS awareness to curb its spread and eradicate poverty. To promote peace, harmony and good will through the spirit of cooperation among different ethnical tribes that lives the slum.

The Centre is non profit making and operates from a rental premises, lacks adequate facilities, no salaries for the two teachers and one cook, most of the children lack uniform due to poverty and attend classes irregularly due to lack of food in their homes. However the members are participants through participatory methodologies.


To get access to water we have to walk for two kilometres & buy water at kshs 2/= for a 10ltr jerican.

There are public toilets whereby the children have to pay in order to use them.


Provide quality education to the orphans children in the slum

Assist the needy/orphans and widows with HIV/AIDS both infected and affected

Offer counseling services to the orphans/guardians and the community

Provide feeding programme to the malnourished children


`The centre exist on a two rental rooms and the possibility of expand it is difficult.

Teaching Materials

The Centre lacks teaching materials for the children. Desks The children sit on the floor when doing their class work.


We offer quality education and feeding programme which has improved the lives of the children in Kosovo Village.


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