Give your loved ones original gifts from our FairTrade Shop!

For example, soapstone elephant or hippo for luck. A gift made in Kenya by stonemasons Kisi and decorated by women from the Island of Hope will surely please everyone. Your money spent on it will support children from the Island of Hope where we return 100% of earnings.

» More about the Island of Hope project here

At the end of September, you can also look forward to a new collection of bracelets, which we have prepared for you with children and project volunteers in Kenya and the Czech Republic. And this also will be a beautifully symbolic gift for friends and supporters of development projects.

The FairTrade Shop also offers Kenyan coffee and tea • other products from soapstone, wicker, wood
• gift certificates and packages • jewellery… We are also preparing Christmas packages in various values and designs for companies and their employees or corporate partners.

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More information at simona.hertusova@adopceafrika.cz, mobile 608 301 270