Join the meeting of the Club of Friends of Island of Hope

on Thursday June 23rd at 6 p.m. Humanistic center, Sokolská 32, Prague 2 (close to metro station I.P.Pavlova).

The Club of Friends of Island of Hope is looking for new volunteers, sponsors, and friends who would like to actively participate in the creation of a specific global development project and thus enable its further development towards self-reliance and sustainability.

We still have a long way to go and need a lot of enthusiasm, creativity, and new ideas as well as financial support in order to reach our goals. We present you with an opportunity to do something meaningful and fulfilling, to learn more about an interesting subject matter, and positively influence the lives of hundreds of people living in the poorest areas of this planet.

Everyone can get involved in his/her area of interest and expertise. For example, you can help us with gathering information – finding and contacting people or firms that make playgrounds, sell computers, school and sports equipment, etc. We are also in need of specialised knowledge - helping the social worker in the orphanage, agriculture consultancy, instructing methodological seminars for teaches, etc.

Promotion is also extremely important for us. The more people hear about us, the bigger chance for the project to keep developing. Very helpful is promotion through media, organizing photo exhibitions, charitable events, etc. (we provide the materials). We would be more than happy to come and make a presentation if you provide the space and help us with the organisation.

Current plans and challenges:

  • creation of a promo video summarizing the information about the project Island of Hope
  • creation of a TV spot for the project Island of Hope
  • creation of a new website for the project
  • processing of photos and videos
  • further equipment of the new library (books and digital content in English and Swahili)
  • preparation and implementation of a suitable library system, the launch of lending books to the whole community
  • extension of the after-school activities for children from the orphanage, school and also students from the boarding high school
  • creation and implementation of the whole program of sexual education for different school grades
  • creation of an elective educational program "Life skills" (self-understanding, ethics, and education for non-violence) for the high school students
  • improving social work with different groups of children in our orphanage (HIV positive children, abused children…)
  • improvement of the program of integration of the children from the orphanage back to the community
  • further equipping of the playground for the smallest children (swings, climbing frame..)
  • starting new profit-making handcraft activities – creating work opportunities for women, heading towards self-reliance and sustainability of the project
  • optimization of farming activities – evaluation of the present results and planning further steps
  • searching for a long-term sponsor for the area of medical care – running of the clinic

Work teams of the Club of Island of Hope:

  1. Education and social work – educational methods and supplies, library equipment, teacher seminars, afterschool activities, program of social work with children in the orphanage..


  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary school
  • High school

coordinatorDana Feminová

  1. Health care – helping with the project of clinic – contact with local personnel, professional consultation, help with managing overviews and reports, gathering other necessary equipment
    cordinatorMarie Langová

  2. Agriculture and farming – gathering information about other suitable crops, solving problems related to farming, gathering information and equipment necessary for further development of the farm, entering into partnership with agricultural experts

  3. Development of profit-making projects for the sustainability and self-reliance of the project– craft workshops and cooperatives, optimization and development of farming production – poultry and fish breeding, development of trade activities (tea, coffee, soapstone products)
    coordinator: Tomáš Kaštil

  4. Promotion of the project Island of Hope – preparation of promotional materials, contacting journalists, publishing articles, radio and TV interviews, organization of charity events, banner placement on web sites, social media, etc.
    coordinatorSimona Heřtusová

  5. Fundraising for the Island of Hope - contacting potential donors and sponsors, project preparation for grant systems of different institutions and foundations
    coordinator: Helena Andrejová

Send it on! How to contribute?

  1. financial gift for the project Island of Hope
    No. of bank account: 107-6829480277/0100
    variable symbol of the project: 900
    constant symbol of this project: 0558

for more information go to the page I would like to donate.

  1. sponsorship cooperation between us and your firm

one-time donation contract for a specific purpose
long-term donation contract for percentage from sale
providing free of charge services or goods for the project

  1. adopting a child from Rusinga Island that is a part of the Adoption of African Children program

for more information go to the page Adoptions of African Children – the project of distant support.

  1. volunteer work – membership in the Club of Friends of Island of Hope

  2. purchasing a "gift with a story" or a gift certificate "Send it on - give hope" from our fair shop
    for more information go to the page Fair Trade Shop.

You can find more information about the project on the following website: Island of Hope – a community centre at the Rusinga Island in Kenya.

I will be looking forward to the next African meeting and possible cooperation on the project Island of Hope.

If you cannot make it to the meeting but you still want to become a member of the Club of Friends of Island of Hope, send me an e-mail explaining what kind of cooperation you would be interested in and we will arrange another meeting, agree on the way of cooperation, etc.

Best regards,

Dana Feminová

Director of Center Narovinu, o.p.s.,
project manager of the project "Island of Hope" in Kenya

tel: 777 711 911
email: dana.feminova@adopceafrika.cz