About us - History

Association Humanist Centre Narovinu was established in 1995 on initiative of some members of international Humanist Movement. The goal of our activities was supporting and propagation of humanist ideas, protection of human rights, development of civil society by various forms of cultural-social activities and projects of development co-operation and education.

Humanist Centre Narovinu was one of the four associations and one political party that represented international Humanist Movement (functioning in more than 100 countries) in the Czech Republic. Humanist Movement has been creating a net of people all around the world, who draw attention to problems of our times by various activities and projects, and who try to head towards deep personal and social change solely by means of active non-violence.

The launching activity of the association was publishing of independent humanist newspaper Narovinu. In 2000 we joined international Campaign of Human Support and launched projects for African Kenya, and in 2006 for India. In 2003 our scope spread to Slovakia and Slovak humanists joined our efforts.

Humanist Centre Narovinu was one of the founders of Czech Forum for Development Co-operation (FORS). In 2004 Czech government approved our development help project „Electricity from the Sun for schools in Kenya“, that was successfully finished in 2006. In 2006 in an Indian city Virudhunagar, an orphanage for kids affected by tsunami was built.

Apart from these two already finished projects we have carried out many other ones in terms of development co-operation and education. The main project has been Adoption of African children – project of distant support. Humanist Centre Narovinu also took part in organizing thirteen years of a well-known Ball Africa.

Humanist Movement went through considerable restructuring in 2009, further to which – after 15 years of our activities’ advancement – we decided to completely detach activities of our association from much wider ideals of Humanist Movement. This change was officially confirmed by acceptance of a new name of the association (Centre Narovinu) and new statutes in June 2010. The work of the association was reduced to development co-operation and education. We continue primarily in projects in Kenya and in Adoption of African children – project of distant support.