Adoption of Teachers

The goal of the project is to support teachers in order to provide better and more stable education of children on Island of Hope – the community center on Rusinga Island in Kenya.

In our kindergarten, elementary school and high school, we use modern educational methods. Over the years, we have invested a lot of energy into educating our teachers. However, keeping high quality teachers that are key to a good school is not easy. Therefore, we have come up with a new project of Adoption of teachers. Find out more about why adopt a teacher and the specifics of teachers on Island of Hope.

The adoption of teachers is bound to a specific job position, not a specific person. You can then support these job positions.

How does the adoption work? Read more information about how you can take part in the project and what is the monthly cost of supporting a teacher.

Finally, you can read more information about how we send money to Kenya, what the Kenyan school year looks like or how to get in touch with the teacher you support. Also, you can find out more about how to get a confirmation of a financial gift for tax purposes and details about donation contract.

So, who are you going to choose from the database of job positions?

Thank you for your support and we look forward to our cooperation.