Health insurance for children

Many years of experience working on the project of adoptions have shown that due to accidents at school and common disease children have to often interrupt their studies. Health care costs are high in Kenya; families do not have the resources to visit a doctor, so children don´t get quality healthcare and treatment.

We therefore launched in 2009 a project with health insurance, from which children are reimbursed for treatment and health care. The project also provides information on the most frequently occurring diseases and their prevention. The amount of annual insurance is not too high when compared to e.g. the costs of sending the package to Kenya, and it is the best gift you can give a child!

Insure the child is always possible for the period from June to May by sending a sum of CZK 1 500 (EUR 60) to our account till 30th May.

We offer the possibility to insure your child in the “second wave” of health insurance from August to May. If you are interested, please send the amount of  CZK 1 500 (EUR 60) to our bank account by 27th July 2023.

Czech CZK account: 19-1460510217/0100, Czech EURO account: 35-3076360217/100, IBAN: CZ50 0100 0000 3530 7636 0217, BIC: KOMBCZPP, Slovakian account: 4001055909/7500, IBAN: SK1375000000004001055909, BIC/SWIFT: CEKOSKBX).

As a variable symbol use the number 6 + number of "your" child, under which it is kept in a database of "adopted children" (e.g. 641023). Adoptive parents are always informed about the possibility to insure "their" child by email on time.

As with all types of insurance the amount is after the expiration of the period of the insurance non-refundable, even if the insured child was not sick during the year and did not use insurance benefits.

Insurance provides to children:

1) Complete preventive medical examination, including blood tests for HIV (assuming that tests with the family will agree);

2) Monitoring of HIV-positive patient (medication and all necessary information);

3) Information on the prevention of common diseases;

4) Reimbursement of costs of treatment and medication in case of hospitalization, i.e. medical care for serious conditions requiring hospitalization, including injuries and accidents (up to the amount of KSh 50,000 per year);

5) Reimbursement of costs of treatment and medication in case of ambulant medical treatment (up to the amount of KSh 12,000 per year).

These preventive examinations will be carried out continuously in health care facilities near the child's home, and all insured children undergo this examination during the insured period. Adoptive parents receive the resulting medical report along with materials from their child.