Electricity from the Sun for schools in Kenya

This project was supported as one of the projects of Czech official foreign development co-operation. The objective of this three-year project (2004-2006) was an improvement of conditions at schools and centres of hope in slums and a support of using of renewable energy sources. Target group was not only children visiting these schools but also a broader community because thanks to the possibility of lightening schools can be used for enlightenment activities – AIDS prevention, crafts courses...
The result of the project was supplying twenty schools with barrier-layer photocells for lightening and computer functioning. The schools were provided with computers, printer and educational programs.
A very important part of the project was training about usage of solar energy, installation and servicing of barrier-layer photocells. The whole budget of the project was 8.2 million CZK, 6.69 million CZK of it was given in frame of Czech foreign development help.