Regarding the fact that the very idea of launching the project of Island of Hope came up mainly because of the high number of orphans on the island, there had always been a great endeavour to provide a new home and cater for the needs of the poorest. Currently, the orphanage has two boys´ sleeping wards with 30 beds and one girls´ sleeping ward with 40 beds. Other necessary facilities are a kitchen with a school canteen, a hall for the children that is also used as an educational centre for adults, a water clarifying plant, and bathrooms with toilets. The kids are looked after by a social worker and two governesses.

There are both complete and partial orphans among the children (for example those, whose relatives did not or could not take care of them), healthy and sick children (e.g. HIV positives), members of different tribes. That is what makes our orphanage special; because traditional inhabitants of Rusinga Island all come from Luo tribe the project also gains a multicultural aspect and sets a good example for the whole local community.

The mission of the orphanage is not „only“ to give the children home but also to ensure their versatile development. All children from the orphanage attend school, they are provided with health care and prevention, and, within the ethno-program of after-school activities, they attend many different clubs (sports club, drama club, traditional dances, etc.). Social workers also try to help deal with the children´s relations with their relatives in effort to gradually integrate them back to the community. During the holidays, the children are placed into a family – e.g. of their friends or relatives. In some cases when a certain family expresses a bigger concern and has resources we try to make them look after the child more and take him or her for good after some time.

At the moment, we are working on establishing a boarding high school and a craft workshop, which would enable us to guide our children until they are able to start their own independent life.

What does the orphanage currently needs?

  • financial means for the construction of new canteen and its equipment
  • financial means for better nourishment (a more versatile diet)
  • equipment of new library – furniture and books in English
  • sports equipment (balls, skipping ropes etc.)