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Bulletin – February 2021 (printed version for download)

We are celebrating the 18th birthday of the long-distance adoption of African children through beautiful stories * Who makes up the Narovinu Center team? We present volunteers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia * Club of Friends of Adoption * We present new reinforcements in the Prague office * Extra payments for children in 2020 * Adopt a teacher * Education is the key to our life succes * How I led Diana to the goal * Health insurance * Thanks for support to Czech schools * News from the charity shop 2020
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PF 2021

Dear adoptive parents, dear supporters and friends of the Centrum Narovinu, we wish you a peaceful rest of the year 2020 and a lot of health, joy and satisfaction in the year 2021. We really appreciate you supporting us even in this difficult time and we look forward to another year together, Your Centrum Narovinu
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We are celebrating the 18th birthday of Adoption of African Children with beautiful stories

Every week we publish 1 story of a supported child and 1 story “thank you for your support”. The Adoption of African Children project is celebrating 18 years of its existence this year. We were preparing a celebration, but the situation this year was how it was, so for now we celebrate it online with beautiful stories. We introduce you to 18 supported children – we look at places where families live, see what schools look like, what children do in their free time or what families live on – and to 18 adoptive parents, volunteers and project supporters who support children's education in Kenya. ❤️
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Supporting education makes sense… Will you join in too?

As part of the program of African Child Adoption – Long Distance Support Project, you can support the youngest children from kindergarten and help them go through the entire education system and enjoy a carefree childhood. You can also find children from different primary school classes who have lost their adoptive parents or high school students who are looking for adoptive parents to complete their secondary education. We also support young mothers who have studied very well and would like to complete higher education so that they have a chance to get a better job and take better care of their children.


SDGs Awards Accelerator

In September 2020, we were given the opportunity to join the SDGs Awards Accelerator and multiply the positive impact of the Island of Hope community center, which we run in Kenya. Out of 30 registered organizations, we got between 10 and on Monday December 7 we presented the project to the jury and got among the 5 projects that will be supported as part of the acceleration.
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News from Kenya for adoptive parents

Dear adoptive parents, We hope you are all fine. We would like to provide you with up-to-date information from Kenya regarding the children's studies and the sending of packages. In Kenya, an examination regime has been in force since 18th October – there are only the 4th and 8th grades of primary schools and the 4th grades of secondary schools currently in schools due to school testing and transitions to further levels of education.


GIVT.cz - Turns everyday online shopping into a good deed

Add GIVT's helper to your browser on your computer or laptop, and when you visit the e-shop, it reminds you that you can help… So you will never forget to do a good deed when shopping ☺
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AdopceAfrika.cz – 15 years of powerful stories

We would like to thank to all adoptive parents, children and volunteers from the program for their touching stories they sent us. We very much appreciate your help. Jitka Ježková, Marcela Březinová or Filip Rajmont also belong to the group of the adoptive parents. You can read the stories of 15 years of adoption on AdopceAfrika.cz or look at the photo gallery on facebook. It makes a difference, please share it!