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Community center Island of Hope can be donated also by donor SMS directly from your mobile phone
Donor SMS for Center Narovinu can be sent via mobile operators in the Czech Republic.


Bulletin – October 2019 (printed version for download)

We would like to introduce our volunteers in Kenya and Czech Republic * Club of Friends of Adoption * How did the videos of the children in the long-distance adoption program turn out? * Interesting extra payments for children in the adoption program * We search for new partners in Island of Hope project, at community center Rusinga Island, Kenya * How much does education in Kenya cost? * Kenya Project at Secondary Grammar School
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Give your loved ones original gifts from our FairTrade Shop!

For example, soapstone elephant or hippo for luck. A gift made in Kenya by stonemasons Kisi and decorated by women from the Island of Hope will surely please everyone. Your money spent on it will support children from the Island of Hope where we return 100% of earnings.


When you have no idea what you are getting yourself into

It all started last Giving Tuesday, that is, November 27th 2018. I, a Serbian from South Africa, was part of the Student Council at my university and agreed to help set up an event for this relatively unknown NGO. They help women and children in Africa, which sounds very typical, but the reality was far from it. First of all, Africa is not a country and the founder of the NGO, Dana Feminová, does well to remind others that her project is based in Kenya.


Introducing the story of Regina

Regina's parents are old, her mother sells water and earns about 3,000 Ksh per month (about 600 CZK) for rent and food. Regina's sister is mentally disabled, and Regina has foot problems and cannot walk properly, so she uses a wheelchair. Regina studies International Relations, a four-year bachelor program, at United States International University – Africa.
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GIVT.cz - Turns everyday online shopping into a good deed

Add GIVT's helper to your browser on your computer or laptop, and when you visit the e-shop, it reminds you that you can help… So you will never forget to do a good deed when shopping ☺
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Adoptive parents visit supported children in Kenya

We thank to adoptive parents for their feedbacks from their journeys to Kenya families… Personal meeting and introduction with supported children and his/her family worths and brings unforgettable experiences and a new dimension to mutual communication. ☺


Thank you for supporting the education of children in Kenya. It makes sense!

Thanks to adoptive parents who have ordered short videos of their supported children, you can peek into the everyday life of families and make a better idea of what conditions children come from… This time we present the story of Huldy, who, with the support of the adoptive parent, completed the basic degree of education and is now studying in high school.


AdopceAfrika.cz – 15 years of powerful stories

We would like to thank to all adoptive parents, children and volunteers from the program for their touching stories they sent us. We very much appreciate your help. Jitka Ježková, Marcela Březinová or Filip Rajmont also belong to the group of the adoptive parents. You can read the stories of 15 years of adoption on AdopceAfrika.cz or look at the photo gallery on facebook. It makes a difference, please share it!