Offer of programmes for schools and the public

If you are interested in organizing an event in your school or for the public, please read our offer of programmes and subsequently contact coordinators of the project. Of course, we are ready to conform to your needs flexibly concerning both extent and themes according to the age of participants. We are pleased to come to you!

Lecture with projection

  • Introducing Centre Narovinu and our work
  • Exhibition of photographs from projects in Kenya
  • Projection of films recorded by our volunteers – How kids in Kenya live, videos from schools, Rusinga Island and local project, and others
  • Exhibition of items from Kenya
  • Length of the programme: about 90 min. can be certainly reduced by prior arrangement, especially at lower primary classes.
  • At schools without teachers‘ assistance

Lecture with projection completed with games and workshops in the field of development and human rights

  • Programme number 1) enriched with amusing educational quizzes and games
  • Choice from workshops of various topics according to the age of pupils / students (dressing in Africa, everyday activities, music workshop: African rhythms and songs, African music instruments, art workshops: colouring books with African topics, toys creation from waste, creation of masks, creation of educational tools for kids in Kenya, etc.)
  • Length of the programme: min. about 2-3 hours.
  • At schools with assistance of teachers

Whole day programme

  • Project work for teams of children, who go round several theme posts, where they learn about life of African kids in playful way, for example everyday life in poverty, diseases (quiz, drama performance), culture (African songs, drumming, body painting, creating masks), toys creation from waste, etc.
  • Final presentation of teams „Who has learnt what ....“
  • Conformed with number of participants
  • At schools with full assistance of teachers


  • Documentary photographs taken by volunteers of Centre Narovinu
  • Life in the poorest parts and villages in Africa and looking at functioning of Centre Narovinu projects
  • Possible to complete with video projection, discussion and sale exhibition of handicraft
  • Realization in the whole CR