Organizational structure

Organizational structure

The register led by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section O, entry 1304. The management of the company is through the administration and supervisory board. The office is lead by the director which is the core of the organization.

Functions of Centrum Narovinu, o.p.s.

Governing board

  • Simona Heřtusová – Chairwoman of governing board
  • Daniela Cachová – Member of governing board
  • Vlasta Pauke Dobešová – Member of governing board

Supervisory board

  • Hana Jodasová – Chairwoman of supervisory board
  • Martin Mevald – Member of supervisory board
  • Simona Strakošová – Member of supervisory board


  • Dana Feminová
  • Simona Heřtusová

Office „Centrum Narovinu“

  • Dana Feminová – Executive Director and Chief Coordinator for developmental projects.
  • Simona Heřtusová – Chief Coordinator for projects in Czech Republic. promotion, fundraising
  • Hana Jodasová – Administrative support for project adoption
  • Monika Hubičková – Administrative support for project adoption
  • Zdeněk Mocek – Administrative support for project adoption