Nursery school

The nursery school is currently attended by 90 children aged 3 to 6. Those are mainly children from the Adoption of African Children project - which means children from very poor families supported by an "adoptive parent" from Europe. The kids are divided into three classes; each with their own teacher.

Montessori methods are used in the nursery school. These are experiential methods greatly accentuating autonomous working; children should be able to examine everything personally, if possible. These methods have excellent results. Majority of the kids from our nursery school master English quite well right at the entrance to primary school and can read and write. The kids are curious and they enjoy learning, which is the most important prerequisite for their further studies.

What does the nursery school currently needs?

  • Montessori tools
  • Children´s books in English, colouring books, notebooks
  • coloured pencils, watercolours, markers, etc.
  • balls, jumping ropes, construction kits
  • furniture, mattresses, etc.
  • playground (climbing frames, swings…)