10 years of health insurance!

Health care in Kenya is really expensive and therefore inaccessible for the families of children in the project of long-distance adoption. The program of health insurance was established as a result of much experience we gained with children, who couldn´t attend school due to having bad health problems. Some of the cases were not really that serious and could be dealt with rather easily. However, because the parents or care takers didn´t have enough money to cover the necessary health care for the children, their condition got worse to the extent that they missed a lot of school, or in the worst-case scenarios, their lives were in danger as a result.

Unfortunately, from our experience, hospitals in Kenya tend to refuse to treat even acute life-threatening cases when they cannot be sure that they will get paid for the treatment. Therefore, health insurance is the best present for the children.

The earliest period for which it is possible to cover insurance for the adopted children is from June 2018 to May 2019. They only thing you have to do is to send 1.500,- CZK to the account number 19-1460510217/0100 (in the case of Slovakian adoptive parents 60 EUR to the account number SK13 7500 0000 0040 0105 5909, BIC: CEKOSKBX) by the 27th of May 2018. Variable symbol: 6 + the number of the child.

The insurance will also cover a complete preventive medical check-up from which the adoptive parents will receive an official report.

Lenka Čumpelíková