13. The Story of a Supported Child: Introducing Riki and many thanks to adoptive parents for their joint journey since the beginning of the project in 2002

“First he sent us cute pictures from his life and the letters were written instead of him by a coordinator from Kenya. From the first grade, he learned English and began writing the first letters. Riki's English was getting better and better, and we could use his letters to get a picture of his family's difficult life and the current situation in Kenya. We were all happier that we were able to support Riki even outside the regular payments. I consider the possibility of supplementary health insurance, which repeatedly helped Riki when he got malaria, to be very important.

He is currently studying very successfully at Kenyatta University in the capital Nairobi at the Faculty of Public Health. He plays football actively, is a big fan of Arsenal, is interested in fashion and is looking forward to starting work after graduating from university. We are very happy to have been able to see how a small, big-eyed black boy grew into a successful, intelligent, responsible and handsome young man. I wish Riki with all my heart that he will be satisfied in life and that he will retain his ability to rejoice in seeming little things.”

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