14. The story of a supported child and an adoptive parent: Introducing Ljuben and Diana and thanking for the shared stories

“The last year of Diana's studies became a bit more complicated, not only for her, but in the end everything turned out well and Diana graduated happily and even has a job offer. And I, her adoptive father, am also overjoyed to bring her to the finish line. We will continue to keep in touch and Diana can still count on my help in case of emergency, she will continue to be my beloved adoptive daughter. And I will follow her footsteps in life as long as I am alive.” Ljuben

“Hope and love is what I've found in real life, and I never thought I'd be able to go that far in terms of educational opportunities. It seems to me that my dreams have come true. I am so grateful to you, Ljubene, for your support, it is amazing that some people are so selfless and become an inspiration to others. Every day I am so grateful for the kindness, compassion, and generosity that you have shown me and people like me. Because you care how many families may have a brighter future. People like you make our world a better place to live, and by choosing opportunities, you are really contributing to a dignified solution to poverty. THANK YOU.” Diana

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How I led Diana to the goal

December 17, 2020 was a very important day for Diana, her family and me. That day, Diana graduated from Utalia College in Nairobi, majoring in hotel management and tourism, which was filmed and shared on YouTube. I couldn't miss it and watched it, even though the main participants were represented only by their portraits. What else can be done in this difficult time. While watching, I pondered how it started and what happened in the 10 years during which I supported Diana.

I adopted Diana in December 2010, she was supposed to start high school in 2011, but the previous adoptive parents ended the adoption. In 2015, I physically met Diana and her family (two younger sisters and parents, later father left them) during my trip to Kenya. Since she was in a Catholic girls' boarding school, she was only released for the weekend and my visit lasted only 5 hours. Until my death, I will remember how warmly all the family members received me and how grateful they were that I supported their daughter and sister in her education.

Another important period of Diana's ten-year adoption was her visit in Prague in 2016, where she came for one month in the summer. She had to fly via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines on July 16, 2016. That day part of the Turkish army tried to overthrow Turkish President Erdogan and Istanbul's international airport was closed. We were very worried that Diana would not arrive at all. In the end, however, it lasted only one day and she landed in Prague on July 17, 2016.

We adopted her as our own daughter and sister. She got to know our whole family and visited several places of tourist interest in Prague and outside Prague, places such as Kutná Hora, Hluboká nad Vltavou, Český Krumlov. She also visited the African festival at the Dvůr Králové ZOO and helped at the Narovinu Center stand. There, during her stay, she tried sleeping in a tent in the camp and met other people from the organization, Simona, Mirka and Lucka. She also spent a few days in the house of the Narovinu Center employee Lenka and in the house of my older daughter. The director of the Narovinu Center, Mrs. Dana Feminová, even took her to the panoramic cinema at the Prague Exhibition Grounds.

Full of positive impressions and beautiful experiences, Diana flew back to Nairobi. The last year of Diana's studies became a bit more complicated, not only for her, but in the end everything turned out well and Diana graduated happily and even has a job offer. And I, her adoptive father, am also overjoyed to bring her to the finish line. We stay in contact and Diana can still count on my help in case of an emergency, and she remains my beloved adopted daughter. And I will follow her footsteps in life as long as I am alive.

Ljuben Nunev



From my story line it's one filled with hope and light. I am an example that generosity of an individual  can surely take an individual (person) miles. Rages to riches as some may call it though is still a working  progress. I shall clearly outline from the next line read on.

My name is Diana Nyambura Wahome born in Nairobi, Nyeri Town. Life was really hard, raised by single mother, got to struggle bringing me up since she had no basic education and she was not so much  exposed to life. She acquired a skill for plaiting hair, in Nairobi when she came to work as a house help  for a certain lady. With that skill she was able to put food on the table. Hence my upbringing it has not  always been quite merry. I was always an enthusiast when it came to gaining knowledge. Only recently did I come to term that I  had dyslexia. Yet for so long far as I can remember, I could call myself stupid since I was not grasping  things as fast as I should have.

My first school was called Busara where I got to lay my foundation for my education. I had a problem of  communication and my self-esteem was very low due to such issues. Studying became a big challenge.  Learning could be a challenge since I did not get help much until I met Ljuben. The program of the  Centrum Narovinu and Ljuben saw me through my early education which came as a reliever and I got to  gasp things and I realized I am stronger in matters to do with calculation, finance and accounting. Ljuben  became more than a father figure to me as he could offer moral support and financial support.

With primary school done, I proceeded to high school and this was a whole chapter of my life I was opening. Little did I know it would shape the woman I got to become now. My first high school was in Nyeri. It was fun and exciting in so many ways. I joined so many group clubs more due to the fact that I  got many inter school competitions. They were fun as different schools could showcase their talents  through acting, dancing and stage playing.

As I have stated earlier, without numbers my studies would not have been realized without the help of  Ljuben and the Centrum Narovinu program. I managed high school smoothly as I tried to make all who  were concerned about converting my life proud. I managed to perform well in my high school but other  problems lingered what next? What direction to take? How would I realize my goal? This among many  others were some of the questions that pounded my head as I assumed more responsibility in life. I was  moving from a young girl to being a young lady. Any decision I would take on this period would surely  have a massive impact in my life.

It was during my high school that I went on a trip to Czech Republic that remained to be remembered to  date. The trip is what marked the passion for travelling and I discovered the hospitality industry. A trip to  Ljuben's place if I say it was awesome that would surely be understatement. I enjoyed everything from  the flight experience which was my first time on the plane. The experience being my first time it was a  mixture of happiness and anxiety. I got to meet beautiful people, including Ljuben's family, friends and  also the ladies at the office. This all made my experience much better and fun all thanks to Ljuben. 

Later, after realizing my passion for hospitality I proceeded to Kenya Utalii College which is among the best schools when it comes to hospitality, thanks to Ljuben and the program I was able to afford the fee and in 2020 I finished.

Hope and love is something I have come to see in real life, I never knew I will come this far in life leave  alone getting the education. To me it's like a dream comes true. To you Ljuben I'm so grateful for your  support because it shows just how SELFLESS people like you are when it comes to serving and inspiring  others.

Every day I am so grateful for the kindness, compassion and generosity you have shown to me and  people like me. Because you care so many families can have a brighter future. Families can enjoy  nutritious meals and kids can attend school as you reach out to hard working but vulnerable communities.  People like you make this world a better place, and by choosing to give to Opportunity, you are trnly  contributing to a worthy solution to poverty. 


Diana Nyambura Wahome