17. story: Thank you for supporting actress Bára Munzarova, who supports high school student Edward in Kenya

“Dear Centrum Narovinu, admirable Dano and Simono, dedicated volunteers, all of you who participate…  I wish you all that your endless commitment and need to ‘do good’ and help would never leave you. Thanks to your ideas and unceasing efforts, may other Kenyan children have a chance at a better life with education. With your energy, you help turn for the better and direct a society-wide awareness of what all individuals can bring when they don't just think about themselves and get involved. May the forces not leave you and you will be accompanied by the joy of all children who, thanks to you, got a chance at a better life. All adoptive parents deserve thanks and wishes for all the best. I am happy to be and can continue to be part of such a meaningful, successful project. Happy birthday!” #BaraMunzarova

Thank you for the beautiful wish for your 18th birthday and we look forward to meeting Bara again soon at performances at the Frída Theater Association and the Kalich Chamber Theater.

"I had already the idea of a distance adoption in my head for a while. About 18 years ago, I had an eleven-year-old boy from India adopted for 3 years. During the school year his father suffered fatal injuries while working hard in the woods, and little Ramy had to leave school to start working and support the rest of the family. I was very sad and anxious at the time. Five years ago, I started the distance adoption again. I accidentally clicked on the Centrum Narovinu project on the internet, and when choosing children, I was fascinated by the story of Edward Osochi Uiru, who stood out a bit with age and height. His original adoptive parent could no longer support him at the age of 15, and Edward was in danger of continuing to attend school. Edward's family relationship was and still is also very difficult. He lives only with his mother, who has a physical disability. I felt internally like I was just following my previous adoption up. Edward is now successfully studying at a high school in the Island of Hope on Rusinga Island and has been eager to become a pilot since he was a child. His sincere gratitude in every letter he sends me is endless. We often slightly philosophize about life together in correspondence, and I rejoice as a 15-year-old boy, a bit lost, grows into a healthy, intelligent young man who goes step by step for his dreams. At the same time, I am filled with an unadulterated, immense inner joy of being able to help and give Edward a chance for education and therefore for a free life."

Will you join too? www.CenterNarovinu.org