4. story THANK YOU for your support: Two amazing women, beautiful products whose sales support the education of children in Kenya

“Under the KAWAK brand, I recycle coffee bags, making bags, backpacks and decorations. From the beginning, I wanted to set up the project so that part of the earnings would support the non-profit sector, and I was looking for a project related to the areas where coffee is grown.  The Narovinu Center appealed to me with its targeted help, personal contacts directly in Kenya and also the enthusiasm they put into the community center project.” Věra Severinová www.kawak.cz

“I have always been interested in and appealed by various foundations to help children. When I learned about the Narovinu Center, I immediately knew where to focus my support. African countries are close to me and I really like the handmade products of local women and children.” Monys Monika Blažková www.monys-design.cz

Will you join too? www.CenterNarovinu.org