Actress Barbara Munzarová supports the project AdopceAfrika.cz

We live in a chaotic world. On a daily basis, populist media purposefully feed us with catastrophic news about approaching world disasters, worries about terrorism and fear of Islam.

I made a free, autonomous decision to live in a world without fear and panic. And so I slowly, step by step, started trying to fight chaos, societal fear, and negative atmosphere by doing something good, helpful, and positive.

One of these steps was the decision to take part in long-distance adoption program organized by the wonderful and unique Center Narovinu.

And so about two years ago, I easily and quickly, in few simple administrative steps, adopted and African boy. When I subsequently found out, upon first meeting with employees of Center Narovinu, that they educate children using the Montessori teaching method, I got even more excited.

My own daughter is just finishing 8th grade in Montessori elementary school Na Beránky, which has been cooperating with Center Narovinu and supporting their wonderful idea and well-functioning project. In this way, my decision to help gained an extra dimension.

With every letter from my adopted son who grows, prospers, is healthy and therefore can experience a little bit of common life happiness that we take for granted here, I get a good feeling full of clear conviction, that each one of us is capable of little help. And if it is not possible financially, then at least by spreading information  about this unique and wonderful project.

By doing that, we first and foremost help ourselves, but then maybe even the whole world. Because it is healthier to stay in positive vibrations, resisting fear and hatred.

Let´s take little steps towards saving the planet. It is worth it. The planet is beautiful.

Good luck to us.

Bára Munzarová
Actress and adopted mother of a boy from Kenya