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Jack Okuku Olunga

19 years old
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Child number: 51653
Jack has five siblings. Yuvanalesta 4yrs, Nataly 2 and half yrs,Collins step sister 10yrs , Joseph step brother 6yrs and Josphine step sister 4yrs.This is a ploygamous family and they all share three rooms that have mud walls. The father who is the sole breadwinner is a fisherman while the mother helps to sell the fish. Each day dretemines how much they are bale to get, making it hard each day as there is no constant flow of cash each day. During days when the lake has been closed, they have no income ,making it hard for the family to be able to meet the needs of the family. In 2020, the boy started studying in high school. The adoption is for 5,600 CZK/ 220 EUR per school term.

Hazzary John Wandera

20 years old
Search urgently for parents
Child number: 41262
Hazzary John was born in 2002 and lives in Nairobi with his parents and three siblings Jescah, Salmon, Yvone. They rent a single room in the slum where they all live. The father works as shoe maker and this income is different each day, often it is not enough for basic needs and school fees. Hazzary is a very good student, in final secondary exams in 2021 called KCSE he got grade B-. He applied for a University of EMBU in order to study economy and finance. His support costs 16.800 CZK/ 660 EUR per year. Will you help Hazzary to get an university education?

Nicholas Odongo Awayo

20 years old
Search urgently for parents
Child number: 51639
Nicholas lives with the grandmother because are not able to sustain his upkeep,he has oone sibling who is with the parents but the grandmother lives with other siblings,the child has a nosebleeding problem,The family live in their own house,4 dependants in a single room house,they use firewood fro cooking,kerosene lamp and fetch water from the lake. In 2020, the boy should start studying in our high school Island of Hope. The adoption is for 5. 600 Kč/220 EUR per trimestr.

Charity Awuor Ouma

21 years old
Search urgently for parents
Child number: 51399
Charity was born on 27th/May/2002; she is now in class 4 in Precious Brain Academy. She has one sister and three brothers. The sister is called Brenda Atieno born in 1994, she is waiting to join college, and the brothers are: Geofrey Odiwuor born in 1998 in class 8, the last two one are twin brothers born in 2006 and their names are; Aggrey Okinyi and Humphrey Omondi, both of them are in Pre-Unit Class. The father is fishing while the mother is a house wife; the average income of the family is Kshs.3000.The family lives in a 2 roomed mud house. They come from Gingo in Kaksingri Central, they use firewood for cooking, they get water from the lake and they use Kerosine lamp for lighting. The family is doing well except Charity sometimes has teeth problem and her sister also has chest problem. Charity has finished high school and should start Bachelor program in September 2022. If we will find adoptive parent and she will be able to study at University her dream will come thrue.

The project of remote support „Adoptions of African children“ mediates an access to education for poor Kenyan children without pulling them out of their natural environment and community. This project has been running since 2002 and has helped more than 3500 children. School fees at primary school are CZK 7200 (€300) / year, and at secondary school, college and orphanage are CZK 16800 (€660). The payment can also be broken down into multiple instalments.

Section of detailed information provides an overview of how this projects works. In case you have already chosen a child from our database, you can also find here all the steps to be taken in order to adopt a child remotely.

You can also provide the adoptive children by health insurance, that covers any medical treatment the child needs during 1 year.

Adoption Friend Club forms an integral part of this project, and enables to support education of Kenyan children by one-time contribution anytime during the year.

In case you already are an “adoptive parent”, here you will find complementary information and references for adoptive parents about the whole adoption process.

Photo-gallery and videos document promotional events of this project and provide coverage from trips to Kenya, including greetings and messages from children, handing over of presents and give overview of individual schools and their facilities.