Adoptive parent’s feedback

I’m really glad to help Hulda this way. I got the video with Hulda last week. We were all excited at home. It was nice to see her happy and that she appreciates education she gets. She’s really motivated and she knows that a good education means a better life for her and her family. When we watch this video, then it all makes sense to us.

Have a nice day
Blanka Nowak

The video was great. We thank you very much for the possibility to see our Milka live. We have a better idea where and how she lives and what we can send to her to make her happy. Thank you.

Have a nice day
Hana Šmídová and family

It was very nice to see her holding my photos of her father, thanks to us. It was very beautiful. It’s all worth it.
Thanks for everything.


Good evening,
I can confirm receipt of the video and I have downloaded it. Thank you very much. It`s marvellous – we appreciate it a lot.

Vita Beran

Dear Mrs. Jodasova,
Thank you for sending the video. I have downloaded it.
I’m really glad to see Alicia and to know that my support makes sense.
Thank you once again for your work.

Best regards
Marie Kalkusova


Hello Mrs. Jodasova,

Thank you, the video has come. It’s really nice to see where and how the children live. Thank you for your work, I wish you a blessed Christmas.


The video has come. We are moved.  We watch it again and again and cry. Thank you very much for arranging the contact with Ereck.

Thank you once again, Olga Skopkova.


Thank you,
Please send a big thanks to your office in Kenya. I have been involved in this project for years and I didn`t really believe in it at the beginning but when my adoptive son called me on my cell phone, all those years became real and it is a fantastic feeling.
Thank you very much for your resolution.


» Thank you for supporting the education of children in Kenya. It makes sense!