Celebrating 20 years of Distance Adoption

We are celebrating 20 years of beautiful stories where we have helped children in Kenya graduate from their dream schools, spend their childhoods with their peers, expand their horizons… Today they are adults, have their own families, jobs, they volunteer and pay it forward… Celebrate with us. Support the education of one particular child and give them hope for a better future, thank you. For a database of children and more info, visit www.CenterNarovinu.org

Do you like the project to support the education of children in Kenya, but your current situation does not allow you to adopt one of the children? Would you still like to support them fnancially? You can do so through the Club of Friends of Adoption and send a lump sum, or send regular or irregular amounts throughout the year. The collection account number is 107-6829480277/0100. The variable symbol of the Club of Friends is 800.

Thank you in advance for your support and help!