Collection to support Pius family

On Saturday, May 23, our friend Pius Mudiwo Oloo died suddenly at the age of 46. We would like to help the family of our long-term volunteer and express our thanks for his great cooperation and support of Centrum Narovinu.

Pius was from Komenya in the Siaya area and was the eldest son of an 8-member family. He then lived in Nairobi. As a volunteer coordinator of the Distant Adoption project in our organization, he worked for over 4 years and cared for children from different parts of Kenya, especially from Siaya and the Kibera slum in Nairobi. It was there that he often accompanied adoptive parents who came to Kenya to visit their supported children to, in addition to visiting families and beautiful places in Kenya, also to get to know life in the largest slum. In addition to the Narovinu Center's projects to improve education, health care and overall living standards in Kenya, he also supported the Amani Kibera peace organization.

Pius and his first wife had 6 children - 3 boys and 3 girls. The eldest daughter graduated from high school and would like to continue in higher vocational school as a teacher. She is the only one of the children included in our Adoption program. Other children study at secondary and primary schools (3rd year of secondary school, 7th, 4th and 1st grade of primary school). The youngest son is 2 years old. He had 1 child with the second wife. Then he also took care of 6 orphans for many years, one of the children lived in his family in Nairobi and is in our Adoption program, the other children live with Pius' parents in the village.

Piuse's employer took care of the funeral and all medical expenses.

We would like at least partially support the education of Pius' children within the collection. Therefore, we ask all friends in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Kenya who knew Pius and would like to make this difficult situation easier for the surviving family to send their contributions in any amount to our account. We will collectively support the family in Kenya.

Thank you in advance for your support.Centrum Narovinu

Collection to help the surviving family of Pius
variable symbol: 700
CZECH ACCOUNT IN CZK: 19-1460510217 / 0100
ACCOUNT Czechia IN EUR: 35-3076360217 / 100 (IBAN: CZ50 0100 0000 3530 7636 0217, BIC: KOMBCZPP)
SLOVAKIA ACCOUNT IN EUR: 4001055909/7500 (IBAN: SK13 7500 0000 0040 0105 5909, BIC / SWIFT: CEKOSKBX)

Kenya, M-pesa: Paybill: 488488, Account number: 1000008571