Collections “support of the Island of Hope Clinic”

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORT to the Avast Foundation and all the friends of the Centrum Narovinu who have supported medical care to people on Rusinga Island in Kenya in recent months.

  1. Within Together with employees 2020 program, the Avast Foundation supported the operation of the Island of Hope Clinic on Rusinga Island in Kenya with the amount of CZK 50,000 – the purchase of medicines and medical supplies during July and August 2020. Here is a small report of what happened during this period: There were a total of 874 patients at the clinic…  The most common diseases included malaria, diarrheal and respiratory diseases and schistosomiasis (a parasitic disease caused by water of Lake Victoria). Over 2,000 tests were performed. There were a total of 522 HIV / AIDS patients and 2 patients with tuberculosis in the clinic. 37 children were born here, of which 1 twins. 154 children were vaccinated.

  2. By August 5, CZK 138,502 had been collected in the collection. In the first phase, the following was implemented: 1) Purchase of chemicals and production of antibacterial soap for hand washing. 2) Purchase of water canisters with a tap, so that it is possible to prepare more places for washing hands not only within the area of the Island of Hope, but also in the village. 3) Purchase of additional oxygen bombs and accessories to help more patients. 4) Purchase of drugs – especially paracetamol, antibiotics and antivirals. 5) Purchase of available protective equipment – masks, disposable gloves, suits and remote thermometers. 6) Purchase of the fabric from which the face masks began to be sewn. In the second phase, the supply of protective and medical equipment from China was realized. There are 1000 pieces of KN95 respirators, 125 pieces of protective shields, 100 pieces of complete protective clothing, 2,000 pieces of surgical masks and 8,000 protective gloves available for the medical staff of the Island of Hope clinic. The entire staff of the clinic is extremely grateful for this equipment, as protective equipment is lacking in all hospitals, cannot be obtained in Kenya, and the government is totally failing at this point.

The collection is still on, you can send contributions to the collection account in the Czech Republic in CZK number: 107-6829480277/0100, account in Slovakia in EUR: 4001055909/7500 (IBAN: SK1375000000004001055909, BIC/SWIFT: CEKOSKBX), account in the Czech Republic in EUR ( contributions from abroad, SEPA payment in EUR): 35-3076360217/0100 (IBAN: CZ5001000000353076360217, BIC/SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX). Variable symbol for the Island of Hope Clinic: 910

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