Contact with a supported teacher

  • Letters and packages from the supporter
    • It is possible to send a letter to the teacher throughout the year. All letters and packages are sent to the P. O. Box of the Kenyan office, where they are picked up by the relevant Kenyan office coordinator and handed over to the teacher at the earliest opportunity.

    • You will receive more detailed instructions on how to proceed when sending mail to Kenya by post together with the confirmed contract, or you will receive it by e-mail from your coordinator.

    • Always remember to mark the letter with a name, a teacher's number from the database and a name of the coordinator in Kenya. All this information is included in your contract.

    • It is also possible to send a small package. Please follow the instructions for sending packages that you receive by e-mail. In Kenya, for exceeding the limit of the size of the package or the inappropriate content is subject to a high duty, which must be paid by the Kenyan office. Sometimes it also happens that the package get lost due to a malfunctioning of Kenyan post.

  • Letters from the teacher
    • Always approximately 2 months after the end of the school term (i.e. in January, June and October) you will receive a letter from the teacher summarizing the past period.

  • Online contact
    • We also offer the possibility of online connection once per school term (Zoom conferences, Skype) – calls are made in English.

  • Personal visit
    • In case of your interest and possibilities, it is also possible to visit the school in person. We are happy to provide you with detailed information.