23.3. – 24.3. 2013 Volunteers for Developing Cooperation in Africa

29. 1. 2013 |

Centre Narovinu invites you for a seminar Volunteers for Developing Cooperation in Africa.

Are you interested in meeting new people and cultures and give something from your skills and free time for something reasonable? 

Are you interested in joining the projects of developing cooperation and education focused of Africa?

The seminars allow the participants to get to know all necessary about problems and work in projects of developing cooperation, stress on permanent sustainability and active approach at work with local communities, sensitive attitude to cultural differences, respect to heterogeneity. They will get to know work of coordinator of the project „Adoption of African children“, developing awareness and education at Czech schools as well as community centre „Island of Hope“ on Rusinga Island in Kenya. 

Weekend seminar in surroundings of Prague (23.3. – 24.3.).

After the seminar the participants can take an active part in the projects of Centre Narovinu in  CR. We are looking for responsible coordinators for the project „Adoption of African Children“  and programmes at schools, volunteers for exhibitions and promotion of the projects, helpers for making videos and presentations, graphics, administrative help, specialists in promotion on the Internet...

The leader of the course is  Dana Feminová – the founder and chairwoman of Centre Narovinu, organizing projects in Kenya and CR over a long period, for instance the project „Adoption of African Children – project of help for distance“ and „Island of Hope“. 

Information and registration: dana.feminova@adopceafrika.cz, mobil: 777 711 911, Centre Narovinu (Tyršova 1, Praha 2, underground I.P. Pavlova)

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