3. and 4. of December Workshop Volunteers for development cooperation in Africa

11. 11. 2013 |

Two consecutive evenings in Prague: Tuesday 3. of December and Wednesday 4. of December (5:30pm – 9:00pm).

The workshop, we would like to invite you to, enables you to find out everything about problems and work in development cooperation projects, about the stress on sustainable development and the active approach to work with local communities, the sensible approach to cultural differences and the respect to varieties.

It will let you know more about work of project coordinator of “African children adoption”, a development education project “Africa through uncommon eyes... not only in Czech schools” and community center at Rusinga Island in Kenya.

Participants are welcomed to actively join all Center Narovinu projects in the Czech Republic. 

We are especially looking for another responsible coordinators for the project “African children adoption”, volunteers for undertaking of exhibitions and promoting our projects, helpers for processing videos and presentations of the projects in Kenya, administrative help, specialists in web promotion and others.

The workshop is led by Dana Feminová – the founder and president of the Center Narovinu, she organizes project both in Kenya and in the Czech Republic for many years, for example “African children adoption”- remote adoption project or “Hope Island”.

Information and registration: dana.feminova@adopceafrika.cz, phone:  777 711 911

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