The Africa Project by unmissable eyes at schools

We have been realising educational programmes for schools focused on developing and global education since 2003. We offer extensive possibilities of engagement and cooperation to schools. Schools organise project days with African theme based on available methodical material. They are involved in The Program of Adoptions of African children – the project of distance support or Partnership between schools.

We really appreciate the great interest and creativity which teachers and pupils put in all projects. We bring you experience from some of them.

The Partner program between Czech and Kenyan schools – Primary school Dačice

The cooperation with a partner school brings us nothing but positive. Children learn through the letters and pictures plenty of information about the life in Kenya, about their education and about their dreams and aims. We use The Partner program in Czech language lessons, English lessons, homeland studies, natural history and art education. Children make simple tools and worksheets for mathematics, English and art education. We also like to make a picture collage with easy English text for our partner school where we demonstrate to Kenyan pupils our culture, habits and traditions.
Yours sincerely Eva Krobůčková, Primary school Dačice

Fair for our adopted child Muthinu Munywoki from Kenya

Like every year also this year our school crafted different Easter decorations that we sold afterwards in order to make money for our adopted child Muthinu Munywoki from Kenya.

On Thursday (April 2nd) we had our stand on the square in Kladruby and on Sunday (April 5th) we moved it to the courtyard of the local monastery, where the Easter fair took place. Our offer consisted of a lot of different Easter products such as „pomlázky“ (braided whips of pussy willow twigs- typical for traditional Czech Easter celebrations), Easter garlands, decorated corn sprouts, different chicken and rabbit decorations…

Despite the cold weather, which was more Christmassy than Easter, many customers visited our stand. During those two days, we were able to make more than half of the money needed to support our adopted child for another year.
Primary school Kladruby

Lecture in Havířov and project Distant adoption

9th March 2015 - Our school library organised a very interesting lecture about children's life in Africa in relation with Child Sponsorship within The Month of a Book.

Students from the first grades who heard out their lecturer Mrs. Vlasta Pauke Dobešová with interest attended the event. She interleaved exhibit from a life in Africa with her own experience from visit to Kenya and she got them acquainted with the activity of the public benefit company called Cetre Narovinu.

Six years ago our students and employees of The Secondary School of Kpt. Jasioka in Havířov-Prostřední Suché spontaneously decided to adopt an African girl Clementine Oyugi and to regularly help her in her efforts to graduate school. Clementine studies at a secondary school now. Students from some classes write her letters, make their own gifts. For all involved we are sending books in English, photographs from the life of our school, writing accessories and small items, which bring the life in our country to Kenya closer.

A part of the work of our school library is also to lead our readers to interest in children in need, regardless of where they live in the world. Students were surprised to found out, that not everywhere in the world it is common that children go to school and how much effort some of them have to make to get to school.

Majority of the students came across with this issue for the first time and it was obvious that they are interested in it. We believe that our Clementine will be a good student and exploid everything, what they will teach her in an African school. We also wish to volunteers of Centre Narovinu a lot of strenght and pleasure in improving life conditions of children from far Kenya.
J.Moldříková – the school librarian