African Festival Narovinu

Narovinu Africa Fest
Exhibitions: Centrum Narovinu: Karibuni Kenya – Africa through unusual eyes, NaZemi: Supermarket SVĚT

Friday 19.6.2015

Stage program

13.00 Zdeněk Vřešťál / Folk
14.00 3Gentlemen / Musical songs
15.00 Miloš Vacík drumming workshop and TAM TAM BATUCADA
16.00 Theatre Lantern Kladno – Little dog and little cat
18.00 Voice workshop Hanka Říhavá / I seek inspiration in african songs, czech folk songs, blues, jazz...
19.00 Zuzka Janiššová / Various genres
20.00 Artmosphere / Borderline of rock and pop with art-rock elements
20.30 Beatrice Dossah (Ghana)
21.00 Lottery draw of birthday charity raffle.
21.30 Monika Vaverová and Firelovers band / fire show

Program of workshops and discussions

12 – 15 Workshops with development theme for children
17.00 Discussion: Fair trade – how does it work and what what experience we have?

  • Jiří Silný – principal of Ekumenic academy
  • Jiří Hejkrlík – Czech university in Prague, chairman of Fairtrade Czech Republic and Slovakia organisation
  • Beatrice Dossah (Ghana) – founder of organisation "Hipsters of Nature", singer and environmental activist.
  • Monica Gyan (Ghana) – founder of fiartrade cooperative in western region of Ghana, cooperative is a part of Kuapa Kokoo, which is one of the biggest cooperatives that grow cocoa.

19.00 Discussion: What are the impacts of Distant adoption of African children?

  • Kennedy Okongo – co-founder and CEO of Centre Narovinu in Kenya
  • Lenka Čapková – head of administration for project Distant adoption of African children, Centre Narovinu
  • Táňa Bednářová – founder and CEO of Wontanara
  • Josef Fukan – adoptive parent of African child from Guinea and expert on development cooperation

Saturday 20.6.2015

Stage program

13.00 Lucka Mrňáková and pianist Lukáš Lázňovský / Musical aria
14.00 Lucie Černíková / Musical and swing melodies
15.00 Infinitas
16.00 TiDiTaDe / performance and workshop
17.30 ŘEKY project – Antonie Nyass and Luhawa Goldin from Yellow Sisters
18.30 Lottery draw of birthday charity raffle
19.00 Lucie Zhory / oriental dance and folk singing
19.30 Jitka Zelenková
20.30 Lucie Zhory / dance with fire
Karamelky will complete the Saturday program with short dance performances.

Program of workshops and discussions

13.00 Authentic African jewel, lecture and presentation of PhDr. Marie Imbrová, www.imbrova.cz
Marie Imbrová has been collecting authentic African jewels in Sub-Saharan African for 18 years – she will tell the listeners about basic characteristic of an African jewel in her presentation, used materials, its quality and factors which determine its price.

15.00 Projection of film B'ella (Malawi, 2014, 106 minutes) and discussion with Tereza Mirovičová from organisation boNGO Worldwide.
B'ella is a 17 year old girl living with her family in Chazunda – suburban district of Blantyre city in Malawi. Just like the rest of the girls her age she's dealing with problems with her schoolmates, her first love and her own future. The director shot the film in improvised conditions and with mostly non-professional actors, whose direct performance gives the film huge freshness.

17.00 Discussion: Situation with health care in Keyna and how to help efectively?
MUDr. Maria Langová and MUDr. Zuzana Fajkusová – doctors with long-term experience from various African countries and coordinators of healthcare Clinic in Kenya – Rusinga Island.

19.00 Discussion: Projects that helps. How to recognise good, sustainable and meaningful development project? Characteristics of successful projects.

  • Tomáš Tožička – technician, theologian and an expert on development issues, coordinator of development projects of Educon and campaign The Czech Republic against poverty.
  • Kennedy Okongo – co-founder and CEO of Centre Narovinu in Kenya
  • Dana Feminová – founder and CEO of Centre Narovinu, coordinator of project "Island of Hope" at Rusinga Island in Kenya.


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