The attitude of Centre Narovinu to the candidancy of Táňa Fischerová

Centre Narovinu supports the candidacy of Táňa Fischerová as a public candidate to presidential elections. We realise that developing aims and positive changes in our society that we push through our citizen association are not possible without political will and total change of values and atmosphere in the society. 

Candidacy of Táňa Fischerová supported not by any financial groups, but by activity of people in all the Czech Republic and wide scale of civic iniciatives and nonprofit organisations seems to us as a very interesting hope. We are convinced that thanks to high moral credit, long-term pushed values, clear political and social suggestions as well as support of cooperation and wide civic society Táňa Fischerová would by a very good president for the term of changes which we wish for. Her long-term active support of the campaign „Czech against Poverty“  just proves that her attitudes in the area of our activity completely agree with ours. 

For the Centre Narovinu
Dana Feminová, Simona Heřtusová, Daniela Cachová, Hana Jodasová