Collection – food help

After my return from Kenya, I would like to share my impressions and information from the situation which could be seen in TV news recently. As you probably know, some parts of Kenya have been affected by long lasting draught which has caused famine – hundreds of thousands of people suffer from lack of water and food.

Animals, which the tribes often totally depend on, have died, and the situation in the North has been worsened by a huge flow of refugees from Somalia, where the difficult famine situation is made worse due to war battles. Even though prices of food have risen in the whole country due to this situation and basic food has become three times more expensive since the beginning of the year, the situation has awaken a wave of solidarity, and a campaign „the Kenyans to the Kenyans“, where millions have been raised to quickly support the most affected regions by food, is in progress.

One week ago I managed to visit one of the most affected regions with „adopted children“ from our program, where we have been trying to support solving problematic approach to water – Kauti. Even though our project „Water for Kauti“ has been helping people from the closest neighbourhood and they at least have access to drinking water, it is not enough for farms irrigation and therefore does not enable to grow food in periods of draught. The government has started distributing food in these regions, however, its supply is very limited and it is not available for everybody.

Because we have about 120 children from these affected regions in our „distant adoption“ program, I would love to ask you for help in the form of a financial collection, which would enable buying basic food (a big sack of corn and beans) for each family of these 120 children, so that we would help them get over this difficult period. We need about 2500,- Kc for buying food which could last for 1 month to a six-members family.

If you could and would like to support this, we will be grateful for any amount – all we raise in this collection will be divided among families of „adopted children“ in these affected regions, and we will naturally give you all information. We would love to finish the collection by September, 9th, so that we could buy and hand over food in the middle of September.

I am thankful for any contribution and your cooperation and will to help

Yours sincerely
Dana Feminová
Centre Narovinu

Collection for food help to families of „adopted children“ in affected regions of Kenya
Term of the collection: 26.8. - 10.9.
 variable symbol: 999

Bank account:
Czech Republic: KB-Prague 5, account number 19-1460510217/0100
Slovakia: ČSOB-Zvolen, account number 4001055909/7500