Collection of the project “The Island of Hope” to complete kitchen with a dining room for already 500 children from the Island of Hope on Rusinga Island in Kenya

The project of “The Island of Hope” is home for 80 orphans and 320 other children from the poorest and neediest families of the small island in the middle of Lake Victoria, who attend the kindergarten and school here every day. Since February 2016 there will be students from a new high school which is just built as well.

The temporary kitchen is really not enough anymore, so the completion of the new kitchen and dining room has become a priority and it would be needed it to finish is latest in April 2016.

We managed to put together a financial amount for the construction which started in December 2015 from donations and charity events in recent years and sales of coffee and tea from Kenya. What is missing is the last amount of money that would allow the opening of the new kitchen and dining room for more than 500 small diners a day. Money for the equipment - tables, chairs, dishes, pots, boilers...

We are missing around CZK 200 000, - for equipment and successful completion.

Donate any amount and help us to brighten smiles on children's faces, for which already an egg and bread for breakfast and sugar in a tea is fulfillment of a big dream.

Account number Centrum Narovinu o.p.s. (Charitable Society): 19-1460510217 / 0100
Variable symbol of the project “The Island of Hope”: 900

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