Collection for a tractor for the Island of Hope on Rusinga Island

To give a tractor = to give food

As we have informed you, in autumn 2011 the band Vypsaná fixa launched its new album and started a tour that includes a presentation of our developing project „Island of Hope“. Vypsaná fixa decided to support it and by selling badges helps us get some money to byu a tractor. Thank you. 

Buying  a tractor enables to enlarge farming – it will be possible to plant on a much larger field, there will be enough food for a school canteen and orphanages. The rest will be supossed for selling to get more money to run the Island of Hope. We also prepare for keeping chicken, rabbits, fishes and fruit trees. The tractor together with an irrigation system  will be a great step to be self-sufficient and to sustain the project permanently. 

Because we need 270 000,- Kč to byu the tractor, we ask you for a favour to help. Please, help the people on Rusinga and support the buying of a tractor that will help the local community to work more easily and enables better catering for children of the Island of Hope. Thank you. 

You can send money to the bank account: 19-1460510217/0100 KB, VS 905.

More infomation by Dana Feminová, dana.feminova@adopceafrika.cz, mobile 777 711 911.