A director of the high school of Centrum Narovinu in Kenya Philip Odero Ouya arrived to Prague at the invitation of our partner school

Philip Odero Obuya, the director of the High School from Rusinga Island, which is prepared by Centrum Narovinu to be opened in February 2016, arrived to Prague. He is here thanks to the partner school Park Lane, which supports the project, and Philip is now gaining experinece with modern teaching methods.

Project of the high school has been established with the support of SlovakAid. In the first phase a building with two classrooms, a laboratory for technical subjects (physics, chemistry and biology), 1 building of boy’s dormitory, 1 building of girl’s dormitory and an administration building with offices and a staff room, will be built. First students could sit behind their school desks since February 2016.

The project began in 2003 and a kinderkarten, a primary school, an orphanage, an educational center with a library, a health clinic and a farm are currently part of it. Every day there is already taken care of more than 400 needy children and 10 000 patients of the community of the Rusinga Island.

The main goal of the project is to create a self-sufficient and sustainable community center that would provide an access to quality education with a respectful attitude and basic medical care for very poor people and children from the Kamasengre area on Rusinga Island.