Eucarbet Academy

Eucarbet Academy was established in 1998 to satisfy the then growing demand for educating orphans and destitute children. It started as a small nursery school with a handful of pupils and one teacher. The nursery school with only four pupils started operating in an old timber house, operating on a shoe string budget.

The school expanded in the year 2000 by laying the foundation of standard one with an enrolment of 22 pupils in one classroom. By the year 2004, the school had established other classrooms, constructed of timber and were able to accommodate more pupils ranging from class one to class eight. The enrolment raised up and reached to the range of two hundred pupils. The same year 2004, the pupils in class eight did the Kenya Certificate of primary Education Exam (K.C.P.E.). Due to the high quality educational standard, the K.C.P.E. Candidates did equally well and some were admitted to high quality secondary schools in the country.

With the help of well wishers and the humanist movement the school continued to expand and by the end of the year 2005 the institution had seen the increase of pupils and teachers to the status it is today. The school also prides itself in the high number of student enrolment as a result of offering a variety of services to orphans/ destitute children ranging from computer studies, HIV / Aids counseling and other creative activities.

Within our school, out of 300 pupils, a number of them have been adopted by the humanist movement supporters from Czech Republic who offers the destitute children clothes, food rations, textbooks and learning aids. The number of teachers have increased to twenty. In addition to eight subordinate members of staff so as to meet the demands of the increased pupil enrolment.

Eucarbet academy is deeply grateful to all who has been giving hand to ensure that the needs of the less privileged pupils in the school are met. In order to continue to strengthen our academic standard, there are some few obstacles that need to be paid attention to. These include buying the pupils a minibus to transport them to and from school. More still, the teachers in the school earn a meager salary that sometimes makes it difficult for them to work effectively. There are more destitute children in the school who also require sponsors an adoption from well wishers so as to enhance a smooth learning atmosphere for them. It is through the support of people that we can be able to excel.

The current number of pupils which is 320 requires permanent classrooms for class one to eight. More still our action plan is to build a secondary school but due to lack of funds this has proved to be difficult. The growing demand of having to educate the girl child who hosts the highest number in the school and prone to many difficult, challenges remains a problem. This means giving them secondary school education. If only we would get assistance from well wishers, our dream would come true. The old classrooms constructed of timber also needs to be demolished but it’s only if we shall be having adequate funds. As the school has grown old and as the saying goes “old is gold” it is our wish that we might get support from different angels and help to achieve the objective of constructing a better school with a secondary school section, so that our school will continue turning golden and become a jewel that everybody would want to be associated with within the years to come.