Food help – distribution

We started the distribution on Saturday 24. of september through to Sunday 25. of september.

The experience was very touching more so when I was talking directly to the families and they dint expect that we would provide them with such amount of food.

We targeted 119 families that we have in the distance adoption and another 20 families….this we did as we expected that since we are going in the villages we were very sure that there are those old people that would come even if they are not invited and to turn a way such people would have been not very good. So we prepared some smaller parks for such cases and we gave them to 20 families. Such families we gave the following

5kg of cooking oil.
4kg of rice
24kg of maize
24kg of beans.

For the families that we targeted who are in the distance adoption we gave the following:

90 kg of Maize
90kg of Beans
20kg of Rice
10kg of cooking oil.

For many families when I was talking to them these items will last them for an average of four months. All the regions that we target are from Eastern province of Kenya (Athi River, Kauti, Makueni and Mavoloni).

Here is one direct speech that I wrote down from the guardian of 41706 and 41707.

“As you see the tears on my face today, it is one of those few days that I have happened to shade tears of joy. I leave with five orphans, two from my son and three from my daughter both of whom are dead. Out of the five orphans two are HIV positive and one is epileptic. I have struggled with all these kids and they always give me a reason to wake up very early in the morning in search for food. For the last four days the four of us have spent without food….the little I got I gave to the two who are HIV positive so that they can have energy to take Drugs. The rest of us we would do with porridge. I can’t believe that today I have this much food. More so I can’t help to imagine that these foods have been donated by friends that maybe will never meet in life. May god bless them all”

We later established that the neighbors have been helping to feed the two kids who are HIV positive.

Well the same story of families going without food for two days or doing only with one meal per day was echoed by all the families.

I have attached some group photos that we took in different place. There was also video that elias was doing and I will send the tape.

If there are still more information needed let me know.

Big hug
Ken Okongo


Hi here is a taste of how the Kauti community felt after the good help they were extended by our friends  in Czech. This was wonderful since the area has food scarcity for we rely on rain for our crops to grow, and :many children go to school and fail to concetrate with the learning due to stomach being empty and also many opted to go look for cheap jobs such as sand harvesting in order to find food to eat,so through our esteem office in Nairobi and Czech the problem was solved  and teachers are happy now for no more sleeping and absconding of school by children since they able to eat at home and at school.

On behalf of Kauti community have pleasure and happy to say thanks for this kind help at this time of draught and famine, all area community were happy and praised the support to some extend some were shading tears of joy and happiness.

Josephat King´oo