Gift certificates of Center Narovinu „Send it Forward“. Support our projects for children in Kenya!

Do you want to support a particular project in Kenya? Buy one of our gift certificates (and)  SEND IT FORWARD and donate for health and education!

In the programme DONATE FOR EDUCATION, the following certificates are available: a school bag (Kč 200,-), school supplies (Kč 300,-), textbooks (Kč 500,-), a school uniform (Kč 850,-) and school fees (Kč 1,000,- and Kč 3,000,-).

The certificates of the programme DONATE FOR HEALTH enable a child to get a high quality health care. You can choose from these: treatment of common illnesses (Kč 200,-), check-up by a specialist (Kč 400,-), delivery (Kč 600,-), treatment of fracture and dog bite (Kč 1,800,-).

Enjoy you help to a particular child as much as they do. Your support brings them hope and gives them a chance for better life. THANK YOU!

To buy certificates, pls contact Eva Syrovátková, mobile +420 777 831 836, e-mail: info@centrumnarovinu.cz