Island of Hope – a community centre at the Rusinga Island in Kenya

The mission of the project is to create and develop a self-sufficient and sustainable community centre for the poor people and children of the Kamasengre area at the Rusinga Island. This centre will provide them with an access to quality education taught with respect to each individual, basic medical treatment and will secure a home with all basic needs to orphans and lonely kids. And last but not least the centre should serve as an example on how to improve living conditions by applying sustainable technology, mutual cooperation and solidarity.

The project has started in 2003 and here you will find detailed information about the project and its history.

The community centre consists of an orphanage for 72 kids from the age of 3-18, a nursery school for 90 kids using Montessori educational method, a primary school for 300 kids, an educational centre with PC and library, a boarding college for 120 students, a health clinic for 10,000 patients from this area, a farm with an irrigation system, fruit trees, fish and poultry farming.

The project develops and expands gradually thanks to enthusiasm of the local community that takes this project as their own and actively participates in its development. And what is the vision leading to self-reliance and sustainable development?

In case you like this project, join the Island of Hope Friend Club and contribute actively to its creation and development. We are constantly looking for more volunteers, sponsors and friends, who would like to help.

Photo-gallery and videos document the development of this project as well as promotional events that are regularly organized for its support.

» Island of Hope Community Centre (image)
» Island of Hope Community Centre (pdf)