The journey to my adoptive daughter Diana in Kenya

When Lenka Čapková asked me to write an article for the bulletin of Centre Narovinu about my journey to Kenya I didn't know how to write it. I thought that nobody would care which places I visited and what my feelings were. In Kenya I was keeping a travel diary and so I got the idea to write about the children and schools which I had seen.

My journey was strictly a private one to my adopted daugther. I didn't know that when I would visit other schools in Nairobi and Rusinga I will work as a minister of Centre Narovinu for which I actually work as a voluntary coordinator.

I will start with the visit to my adoptive daughter Diana Nyambury Wakhome, who is in fourth grade at catholic girls' school. The school, while declared with seat in Nairobi, was actually three and a half hour drive away from Nairobi. The visit was unannounced but I was lucky that at the moment of my arrival the girls had a break. The meeting with my ward lasted only about 10 to 15 minutes. When the driver, which took me there (he was a former student from African children adoption project by the way) asked her, if she was happy to see me, she said that she would jump out of happiness. I would too, but given my age I am not so sure if I would be successful. A week later I had the opportunity to visit the whole family and I have a very strong emotional feeling. Despite their poverty they prepared a great lunch and everybody, especially I, was overjoyed. One could have seen it it their eyes and the overall attitude towards me. I have to say that I, too, was really moved.

I had the oportunity to visit Ngando Praparatory School near Nairobi where the headmistress Mrs. Sophia Barongo showed me to all classes. Here my work as an half-oficial superior of organization Centre Narovinu started. When the headmistress introduced me in each classroom I had to say something to the children as well. The atmosphere was great and unrepeatable.

Something similar also happened during my visit to the school on Rusinga Island. I was not expecting that the entire school would align, one of the teachers would be introducing me, I would be having an official speech and also giving children the sweets that I brought them. During my three day visit each afternoon we were playing with the children. It was apparent by their facial expressions that they were really happy. I was happy as well. It really “got me” that the last evening the children sang and danced in my “honour” so that in the end the adults, even I, joined. I have to admit that I was indeed deeply moved.

In conclusion I would like to say that the children despite the uneasy conditions they have are really happy that they have adoptive parents, thanks to which they can attend school. They very much like their school, teachers and also their sponsors. This trip allowed me to meet new friends from the black continent, especially from Kenya, with whom I will be in touch in the future and who I hope to see in person at least one more time in Kenya or Prague.

I would like to thank to headmistress Mrs. Dana Feminová, who firmed up my journey and made possible to be in touch with the office of partnership organization Centre Narovinu in Kenya.

» Photogallery from the trip can be found here

Ljuben Nunev