Looking back at the fundraising event and an opportunity to online-purchase of several last beautiful works by children from around the world

The fundraising event took place in Prague in Kinsky Summerhouse in cooperation with Radio Junior Czech Radio on Thursday, November 7, 2013 from 15 to 19 hours.

There was very nice atmosphere all the afternoon. Children and students tried several workshops with African topics , the adults discussed the current situation in Africa, development projects, and watched latest videos documenting the progress of our projects.

At the event, there were also present children with their teacher from the Elementary school in Beroun, who are involved in the project African children Adoption. This project of remote help has being participated also by adoptive parents from Liberec for several years, who even who traveled to Kenza last August visited there their adopted daughter.

The money gained from this event was donated to the children from the Community Center on Rusinga Island, we specifically, we are looking for money to repair the dining hall which is in emergency conditions.
The amount of money collected during this event was 6780,- CZK.

There were also children winning works from the international art competition of the Czech Radio – Radio Junior "Drawing online". These works were available for purchase during all the afternoon and their selling earned 3 380,-  CZK. The benefit auction, which started at 6 pm. was patronized by actress Jitka Ježková, who is a supporter of the program African children adoptions - she has supported a boy named Collins in Kenya for several years to get the education. The most beautiful works were auctioned for 3 400.- CZK. The photos prove that the joy was great.

Who didn't manage to visit this Prague event, don't be desperate. There are still a few beautiful works available and we decided to offer them online to you. You can support the children from Rusinga Island by sending 200-300 CZK (postage excluded) and delight yourself by a beautiful child piece of art.

» Photogallery: works available

Contributions can be sent to the account 19-1460510217 / 0100, KB, variable symbol 900 or they can be paid in cash at the Prague office of the Center Narovinu ( Tyršova 1 , Prague 2 ) . Let us know via email which work are you interested in and we will organize post delivery or personal collection.

We would like to thank to everybody who took time and supported this event. Especially the Czech Radio – Radio Junior and the children from the international art competition, whose works are really beautiful and their helped other children – children in African Kenya. Last but not least, we would like to thank to all volunteers and adoptive parents of Center Narovinu who have helped us and who have supported us.

Thank you and we are looking forward to our future meetings.

For Center Narovinu
Simona Heřtusová

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