Media campaign of Centre Narovinu Let´s donate education

As traditionally we dedicate the end of the year to a media campaign – this year we have focused on a single topic, which is education of children in Kenya. Great news is the chance to send a financial amount by card via a payment gate directly from our webpage. Thanks for your support and help

In the media campaign we were supported from TV stations by really charity prices and so you can see the spots at TV Prima, Barrandov, Metropol as well as regional TVs. Thanks, we also appreciate support of other internet and regional TVs, spots are broadcast all over the country. Radio stations are also willing and so the spots on education you can hear on a few radios, too.

Have you seen, heard? Do you like our projects? Support us! For instance at the charity campaign of the radio Applaus, where we can get spots for free also during January.

» Send a financial amount by card via a payment gate
» Thanks for support

TV media plan in Czech58 KB